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3x5 Camo American Flag - Woodland BDU Camouflage

Inspired by countless conversations with Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors and Coasties, Combat Flags Camo American Flags honor the best our country has to offer... that 1% of Americans who answered the call to put their lives on the line and serve this great nation to protect our freedoms. 

These one-of-a-kind Camouflage American Flags look great, fly with ease and are made in America. Made from heavy-duty outdoor nylon, each flag features a canvas heading, brass grommets, quad-stitching and undergo an in-depth acid-dye process for outdoor resiliency and color vibrance. 

If the classic Woodland BDU pattern isn't you're thing, we have Camo American Flag options for EVERY branch:

10% of every 3x5 Camouflage American Flag sale is donated to Stop Soldier Suicide.

***Please note, 3x5 Camo American Flags are not made from duty worn fatigues.