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2x3 Air Force Service Flag

Hey, Airman, this one's for you!

Are you proud of the United States Air Force? Are you proud of your service to the country? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then this flag is for you.

Developed to fly alone or with your American Flag, the 2x3 Air Force Service Flag showcases the best we have to offer as a nation.

Made in America by Valley Forge Flag, these flags feature heavy duty outdoor nylon, a thick canvas header and brass grommets, and are made to fly free in the sun, rain, snow and everything in between.

*Please note, Unlike the Original Combat Flag, Combat Patch, 3x5 Camo Flags and 2x3 Camo Flags, we do not make a donation from this item.

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Customer Reviews

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Air Force Freedom on Display!

Dan hooked this Air Force Vet up with a glorious flag to fly next to the Betsy! Thanks once again Dan and Combat Flags!

Son in law is active security force

All your products are great. I'm from a military family, ww1,ww2 ,Vietnam nam era