3x5 Nylon Thin Blue Line Combat Flag

***Please note, unlike the Original Combat Flags, 3x5 Combat Flags are not made from duty worn fatigues.

The Facts about the 3x5 Nylon Combat Flag

  • Dimensions of flag: 3x5 feet
  • Flag material: Heavy duty outdoor nylon
  • Header material: Canvas
  • Grommet material: brass
  • Donation made: 10% of each 3x5 Combat Flag purchase is donated to Stop Soldier Suicide
  • Origin: U.S.A.
  • Other facts: Undergo an in-depth acid-dye process for outdoor resiliency and color vibrance. 

The Story of the 3x5 Nylon Combat Flag

Inspired by countless conversations with Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors and Coasties, Combat Flags honor the best our country has to offer... that 1% of Americans who answered the call to put their lives on the line and serve this great nation to protect our freedoms. 

Combat Flags donates 10% of the profits from this item to Stop Soldier Suicide.

To learn more about Stop Soldier Suicide, please visit https://stopsoldiersuicide.org.

Not recommended for use on/from vehicles.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

My husband and I proudly fly our flags at our home. We are in the path of Davis Monthan Airbase. The military planes and helicopters fly over the house. We want to show them that we are aware of their sacrifices and support our military. I hope that all people will support our military men and women. Thank you also for supporting our men and women. Keep up the cause.

It was great!

I love the flag I got from you, thanks I’ll recommend to my Military friends.


Bad ass flag!! My partners and peeps on the street have been asking where I got a camo blue line flag. Been telling them if I say where I would need to lol them lol...and also mentioned Combat Flags. Thank you guys for making an awesome product....stay safe or be violent first!!

Amazing Quality, and even better customer service

The flag came out great, and it was shipped to me immediately. Seeing such professional customer service was also refreshing


Eagles flew. Freedom rang. I definitely got a chubby. Epic product