Original Combat Flag

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As seen on Mike Rowe's "Returning the Favor" and Fox Business’ Varney & Co 

The Facts about the Original Combat Flag

  • Dimensions of flag: 4x6 inches
  • Materials used: Duty-worn fatigues, top grain veg-tan leather, velcro
  • Donation made: 50% of the profit from each Original Combat Flag is donated to Stop Soldier Suicide
  • Origin: U.S.A.

The story of the Original Combat Flag

We love our country, we love our military, we love our veterans, and we love our flag. We also love giving back to the veteran/military community in a way that is patriotic, creative and, most importantly, purposeful.

The Original Combat Flag checks all of those boxes.

Handcrafted from duty-worn fatigues, Original Combat Flags are 4x6 inches and offer a tangible piece of freedom to the American people and offer our service members a unique and immensely personal way to showcase their service and story.

Each flag is accompanied by a professionally designed and printed card that tells the story of service of the Soldier, Marine, Airman, Sailor or Coastie who wore the fatigues used to make that flag.

50% of the profit from each Original Combat Flag is donated to Stop Soldier Suicide, a veteran-led nonprofit.

Why choose us?

We give back on EVERY purchase

We make donations from each and every purchase to Stop Soldier Suicide. See the product description of each item to see the total donation percentage, ranging from 10%-50%.

We strive to keep things made in America

Each and every flag is crafted in the United States from American materials. We work hard to keep most of our items made in America.

Customer Reviews

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Jay Pan

Received the Combat Flag in the mail. It's a really brilliant idea. Hope this helps to stop the veteran suicide epidemic. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but I'll most certainly going to cherish it.

john dolan
Military Patch

Awesome well made and pleasing to the eye

Shirley Perry
Mission driven

This wasn’t my first purchase. Fully support Combat Flags’ mission and the products. The new design is awesome. Thanks, Dan.

Joseph R. Sanchez
Patriotic and giving back

Love this concept and product. I’m grateful to be able to get a wonderful patriotic flag that’s backed with special meaning and sacrifice. Two thumbs up! 👍🏻👍🏻

Jason Powell
Impressively Humbling Mission and Amazing Quality!!!

Amazing Quality Flags and Products from a Company with an Impressively Humbling Mission!!! I’m incredibly grateful for the extremely high quality flags and patches that Dan and the Combat Flags team produces but as a service member who has lost friends and team mates both to combat and suicide, I’m even more grateful for the cause they support through Stop Soldier Suicide. I know Dan and his family have similar experiences and I love supporting them as well. For anyone on the fence, you cannot go wrong with Combat Flags products and you’ll love them!!! -Jason