011: Dr. Mike Simpson

011: Dr. Mike Simpson


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For fans of the History Channel, you may know Mike Simpson from "Hunting Hitler." What the show didn't cover is Mike's extensive background that began as an Army Ranger and later progressed to the Green Berets and to medical school.

Mike shares his journey from his upbringing in California through current day with more than 30 years of military experience under his belt spanning the lauded Army Rangers and Green Berets. Mike's career didn't end with the Green Berets - he went on to become and Emergency Medical Doctor and serving the Army as a doctor at Ft. Hood and with JSOC.

Mike also talks to his experience retiring from the military and shares actionable insights he learned and how he adapted to civilian life. 

You can find Mike here:

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  • Sgt Thomas F Scardina

    I’m a 15 year Army Combat Veteran, I suffer from PTSD . I have been to so many country’s I lost track. I did two terms in combat. And it’s true the Military doesn’t change you it just shows the true you. So to all my Brothers and Sisters and K9-s in arms HOOAH and please add 22 a day in your combat Flag because I have the camouflage one I would buy another because the 22 supports the Suicidal Veterans

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