002: Benjamin Breckheimer

May 27, 2020 1 min read 1 Comment

002: Benjamin Breckheimer



Benjamin Breckheimer is a combat-wounded veteran who found a new purpose in life after being severely wounded by an IED in Afghanistan. In this episode of the Service Record Podcast, I talk with Ben about:

  • His early love of the military
  • An unforgettable memory from his first deployment that signaled a change in his service
  • The day he was hit by an IED
  • His struggles with purpose and suicide during his recovery
  • Why he scales the highest peaks on the planet
  • What he sees in his future
  • His message for all veterans as they strive to find their purpose after service

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Jeffery Hayden
Jeffery Hayden

May 27, 2020

Thanks Combat Flags this podcast is going to be amazing! Especially to listen to some incredible stories and adventures from some True Warriors looking forward to this. Great introduction to what’s to come, Thank you Dan for all you do to support Soldier Suicide program I support you 100% 🇺🇸

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