May 04, 2020 1 min read

Aaron G.

Branch of Service
United States Marine Corps

Staff Sergeant

0311/69 - Infantry Rifleman

Time in Service
16 Years

Did you deploy?
I deployed 4 times to Iraq in support of multiple push including the Baghdad push and the push through Fallujah, also did 2 deployment too Afghanistan and was apart of the push through Marjah.

What inspired you to join the military?
I was a punk!

What is the single most important lesson you learned while serving?

What is your most memorable moment during your time in service?
Servin in Hawaii

How has the military helped you grow personally and professionally?
The Marine corps got me a beautiful wife and has made me an awesome dad!

If you could tell the world anything you want, what would you say?
Love and respect our country and it’s people and to never forget brothers lost!

If you could go back in time and talk with yourself before you joined, what would you tell yourself?
Do it sooner!

What's the most unexpected challenge you've faced since leaving the military?
Slowing down



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Profile:SGT Dustin L

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The most challenging for me was adjusting to civilian life and employment. As an infantrymen you are not taught certain skills that can be carried over into the workforce and it took me months to find something I could actually do and with a company that would train me to be able to provide for my family.
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We took our first casualties on the first day that we took over our sector and the ride alongs were over. I remember that day for multiple reasons. It was 31-Oct-2005, I spent some time that morning with the patrol group that was about to go out right out side our building. We all had a smoke and joked around, but a few hours later after they had rolled out, I was called into the TOC.
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Just a Few Things / April 17, 2020

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Things with Combat Flags are a bit tumultuous right now. People (me included) are obviously watching what they spend more closely than before, which has resulted in a big dip in purchases for Combat Flags. I'm also running into issues with partners not being able to product certain items due to their state's guidelines, which means when my products go out of stock now I can't get them back until this passes.