September 03, 2020 3 min read

Welcome to this week’s edition of "Just a few things," a somewhat weekly blog dedicated to sharing a few thoughts on things I think you could find interesting as well as a few things I've been reading, learning or contemplating during the week.

Many of these things are inspired by my interactions with you via email or social media, so feel free to drop a comment and share a few things yourself!


Looking for a few veteran-owned businesses to check out?

If so, I've got 2 for you. Both are heavy hitters in the fitness space and have a lot to offer.

The first is The Lift Box, which is owned and operated by an active-duty guy in the Coast Guard. Adam, the owner, reached out last month about including Original Combat Flags in the monthly boxes as a "golden ticket," ultimately helping 5 recipients win a full size supplement of their choice from the box. Besides the boxes filled with good supplements, Adam and team also donate $1 from each box to Freedom Service Dogs of America. It's always cool seeing military and veterans support nonprofits!

The second is Train Like a Ranger. While I don't have any connection to this company, I can tell you I've been using their Advanced Military Prep program for the last month and absolutely love it.

Also, neither of these companies know I'm doing this (until they see it, at least). Getting the word out about other veteran-owned companies is an important thing to do for me.

So, go forth and get fit.

Looking for a good book?

Another recommendation for you, this time a book from an active-duty soldier called Ghosts of the Valley by Sean Ambriz. 

From Amazon: "Ask around your local VFW about what a military police soldier does for a living. The answers will make you laugh, cringe, and sometimes simply lean back at the nonsensical tales we evoke from our comrades in arms. Even to the standard military police soldier, their experiences from one to the next are largely different depending on any number of influences. Whether that is duty station, deployments, specific type of military police. In this book, you will see the far edge of the combat spectrum for a military police soldier. Every so often, military police get training that enables them to be attached to units conducting missions well outside the purview of a standard military police soldier. For those soldiers, their story goes largely untold. Whether due to the incredulity of the story, or because some stories are hard to talk about. The events in this book are told exactly as they happened. Some have been modified due to security concerns and for the privacy of comrades. Ghosts of the Valley gives a full spectrum recount of the incidents that took place in Afghanistan, and the recovery process that became necessary upon return to the peace of home. The book itself will hopefully serve as a benefit to soldiers who have not yet deployed, civilians who struggle to understand the average combat veteran, and the soldiers who have redeployed that still struggle in their recovery process. The book is not meant to glorify war, but to expose the horrors of it. Ghosts of the Valley also provides a comprehensive, and up-to-date as of the publication, list of resources for those struggling with PTSD, or those who simply need help."

What would I do if I could spend just 2 hours a week on Combat Flags?

I’d spend those two hours focusing on the people who make Combat Flags possible. From customers, to vets and military supporters, I’d talk with more people and learn their stories. There’s something in getting away from the “business” side of things that I always find appealing and rejuvenating. Conversations with people at events or via messages are often times the catalyst for all kinds of new content (blogs, social media, email, etc.) and take on a richer meaning.

Because this thing is largely a one-man-show, I spend my time doing business-y things that take away from the things I really enjoy. But it’s all necessary, so I definitely can’t fault myself for splitting attention like I do today.


That's a wrap on this week's edition! I encourage you to answer one of the questions posed above or share just a few things of your own either as a comment here, via a post on Facebook and Instagram (tagging @Combat_Flags, of course) or both.

I’ve also got lots of cool stuff up in the store. If you haven’t checked it out in a while, swing by and check out some freedom!

And don't forget to say HI to our friends at Stop Soldier Suicide!



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