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Welcome to this week’s edition of "Just a few things," a weekly blog dedicated to sharing a few things I've been doing, thinking, reading or learning throughout the previous week. Many of these things will be inspired by my interactions with you via email or social media... so feel free to drop a comment and share a few things yourself! Let’s get to it:

What’s a quote that made me think?
“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” -Anais Nin

Call me sentimental, but whatever. Ha. We had close friends and family in town last weekend for Graham’s first birthday and I was reminded of what it means to have good friends. We’re scattered across the state and country and don’t see each other nearly often enough, but when we do I’m always so thankful. I was standing off to the side of the room taking everything in and I could vividly see how we all met and the path we’d taken together over the years.

What’s one thought I can’t get out of my head?
Purpose. Joy. Purpose. Joy. Purpose and joy on repeat. I wrote a BlogOps post about this exact topic last year and it’s something I revisit often. This week, though, it’s been running rampant in my mind. There are a few reasons for this that I may share later on, but for now it’s something I’m mulling over. It’s a balance, ya know? If it were easy we’d all be doing it.

What have I been watching that brings joy?
Oh, this one is simple! It should be, right? I mean I do write these questions myself. Ok, to the answer. I stream a series of webcams nearly all day long that show my absolute favorite place on the planet. Who knows the answer? If you’ve been around long enough you should know this. Drop a comment and let’s hear your guess. Here’s a clue: North Carolina Coast.

What’s something that happened during the week for Combat Flags that I’m proud of?
I FINALLY made some headway on tearing down uniforms from December and January. I broke down about 10 complete sets this week. There is still more work to do on them, but I at least have them down to their components. Next up is crafting the stories and sending them off to the printer.

What’s one thing that YOU’RE proud of for the week?
Enough about me this week :) I want to hear from you. Leave a comment with one thing that you’re proud of from the week. Share your success with me, please!

That’s it for this week’s Just a Few Things. Thanks for stopping by and checking it out. Like I mentioned earlier, feel free to drop a comment with a few things you’ve been up to!

Also, feel free to checkout a few other BlogOps post to learn more about the history of Combat Flags and our 2018/2019 State of the Union update.

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Sherry Helm
Sherry Helm

January 25, 2019

I Absolutely LOVE reading you posts! You see the things in this world very few people see, and seem to cherish it. This week my father in law got to go home from the hospital ,he has a chronic lung disease and gets pneumonia from it all the time. I got to help get him home and it makes me feel good that they can depend on me to help and be there for them.

Christoph Gorman
Christoph Gorman

January 25, 2019

Hi Dan,

Love the notes! I’m the Fat dude from the Christmas photo holding the Combat Flag that’s darn near my height! Just got home from Chicago where I met up with the rest of my regional work team. I really am blessed to have a new work cohort that is almost like being with my soldiers was. Good people with good hearts.

I realize you are still in startup mode, but something just popped in my head when I was reading about you tearing down old gear.

Is there a local VA rehab center or disabled vets group nearby you? I am betting that for a relatively small fee (or possibly no fee) you might be able to engage someone in the teardown part. I have a few brothers at our local Legion Hall that aren’t able to work anymore because of the extreme accommodations that they need, but still want to have meaningful work. Are they super fast? No. But consistent. Define what you want done, and they do it.

Like I said before, I know you are very much in startup, but as a supporter of yours, if you told me that the price went up $1 (or whatever) to pay for the disabled vets who are doing the teardown, I can assure you, you would still sell out… :)

Lead to Victory and DFTBA.


January 25, 2019

One thing that comes to mind for me is that I’ve had to totally redo my playroom for my family daycare. (In this business your families grow up with you and then move onto other things: school, moving to a new home in a different school district etc.) I spent the first two weeks reorganizing my preschool supplies. (I have lots and lots!) And then….
I realized one morning that my playroom had lots of boys toys easily available for kids to play with, but the girl stuff: baby dolls, dress up, kitchen were all in bins.
I spent most of the week reorganizing a specific play area where baby dolls would be placed within easy reach, and all of the ‘accessories ‘ that go along with it. Baby bottles, baby diapers, small bathtubs, wipes , blankets etc
It looks great!
Funny thing is that ‘my’ little girl is completely into drawing with the supplies at the Art Table lol
Maybe babies in a couple of days!
Have a good one!

Dan @ Combat Flags
Dan @ Combat Flags

January 25, 2019

@ Janea Phillips – You hit the nail on the head. Head to the the BlogOps post I have linked in this story to read about how I somewhat overcame the same dilemma you’re in with your job. Like I said here, it’s an ongoing process and something that continues to evolve, but reframing the situation helped find contentment in the day-to-day.

Janeã Phillips
Janeã Phillips

January 25, 2019

I am most proud that we had a corporate visit at work and everything went pretty well and the clean up from all the holidays is finally done. Now we just have to get through inventory to get a fresh clean slate.
Now if only I could make the final decision and either leave my job and start a new path or be grateful and content in where I’m at and have been to the last 7 years. Here’s to hope and clarity in the big decision. Thanks for all you do Dan and thank you for your service.

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