April 03, 2020 3 min read

Welcome to this week’s edition of "Just a few things," a weekly blog dedicated to sharing a few things I've been doing, thinking, reading or learning throughout the previous week. Many of these things will be inspired by my interactions with you via email or social media... so feel free to drop a comment and share a few things yourself! 


A couple of things about Combat Flags
It’s times like these that I’m a bit relieved that Combat Flags isn’t my full time job. The impact of the COVID-19 spread is starting to hit Combat Flags in a way I didn’t foresee.

The bad news is that a few of my established partners have had to close down their production, which means I can’t place new orders for products like the 3x5 foot camo flags. I’m nearly out of the Army/Air Force and Marine Corps flags, and once they’re gone I’m not sure how long it will take to get things back up and running. Another example is that of the Combat Patch. I’ve been working on a slight redesign of the patch and was so EXCITED to have found a local veteran-owned embroidery shop and we had JUST finalized the new patch when NC put in place a mandatory stay at home order. So those, too, are on hold for an unknown period of time

The good news (yes, I will always find something good to tell you about), is that I’m working with a few veteran-owned small businesses around the country to get some really cool stuff put together. I’m also working on something I’ve been thinking about for years (YEARS) and am in the process of getting “things” scheduled for it ;-). Stay tuned for more there... I think you’re going to LOVE it.

The community is RALLYING
I’ve been fortunate to come to know some amazing people through Combat Flags. One of these people is Nick Naccarato, the owner of the Legacy Flag. Nick makes GORGEOUS hand carved and charred wood American Flags. If you’ve seen photos of Combat Flags HQ, chances are you’ve seen one of his flags hanging vertically front and center above my desk.

Well, Nick reached out about an auction he was thinking about doing during this COVID-19 time to help nonprofits and I, of course, recommended Stop Soldier Suicide. Nick took it and ran.

This week his Instagram auction launched.

If you’re interested, you have the opportunity to “bid” on one of Nick’s amazing flags, which is cool, but the cooler part is that 100% of the proceeds go to Stop Soldier Suicide.

If you’d like to toss your hat in the ring, head here: https://bit.ly/2yvYalu

This interview was MONTHS in the making
It’s always an honor to be invited to join someone’s podcast or livestream... and it’s something I really enjoy doing. Unfortunately I didn’t have much of an opportunity to take part in most of these invitations last year due to well, my corporate gig. It was an unruly time for sure.

But, one podcast host stuck with me for about 4 months. Constantly reaching out and rescheduling to accommodate my seemingly ever changing schedule.

Josiah is the host of the “Go with the Flo” podcast where he’s interviewed a variety of different business owners, from small businesses (like Combat Flags) to global corporations (like Vayner Media).

We had a great talk and covered everything from my background growing up, to the military and to Combat Flags.

Check it out here: https://youtu.be/nlmJc66_KL8

Have I told you about BlogOps?
BlogOps is an often neglected brain child of mine... I'm able to share individual stories of military to service through the Original Combat Flag, but I can do only so many Originals at a time. That's where BlogOps comes in. It's an idea I had a few years ago, but haven't done a great job of fully leveraging due to, well, life. But I'm REALLY trying to change that. Long story short, BlogOps is a library of service-member submitted stories chronicling their service. If you or a loved one would be interested in sharing your/their story, please head to the link below. I've created really easy tool to capture submissions, basically only needing your/their thought and time.

Head here: http://bit.ly/3a3BJSp


Alright, that wraps up this week's edition of Just a Few Things. I encourage you to leave a comment on this post or on social media to let me know a few things of your own!

And be sure to checkout the store for some of the most unique Americana out there.



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