July 30, 2021 | Just a Few Things

July 30, 2021 | Just a Few Things

Hey there -

Happy Friday!

Welcome to this week's edition of Just a Few Things, where I share just a few things from the week that have inspired, motivated, interested or (insert whatever adjective you'd like here) me during the week.

Why Just a Few Things? Because we often find inspiration in the most unexpected of places. Maybe you'll see something in this week's edition that will spur you to action or maybe you'll be moved to share a thing or two from your week with me!

Let's get to it:

What's one failure from the week?
This is where being the only employee comes into play... earlier in the year I hired a digital marketing agency to run my Facebook ads. The initial purpose was to free up some time for me so I could balance other areas of my life, but the stress and angst that came with the agency taking over definitely worked against me. So, this week after much contemplation, I parted ways with them. It sucked, it really did. I was out money and momentum, but the peace of mind and control I've gotten back already is worth it. With any failure comes growth, right?
What's one book I'm reading (or read) this week?
My goal for 2021 is to read 1 book a week. I've missed about 4 weeks in total due to random things, but I'd say I'm still doing a good job! This week I read Brooklyn to Baghdad: A NYPD Intelligence Cop Fights Terror in Iraq. I was on a podcast last week with the author - Chris Strom - and knew I had to get a copy. It's rare to feel like the author is sitting next to you telling you the story, but Chris pulled it off magnificently in this book. Style aside, Chris' story is amazing and telling of the patriotic men and women who serve our country in a variety of capacities. If you'd like to check it out, you can find it Amazon (no, this isn't sponsored and I don't get a kickback, it's just a good book).
What's 1 quick lesson I learned about myself this week?
This is an easy one. I can push myself harder than I think I can, specifically when it comes to fitness. I will follow up more in a later edition about this, but my mind wants to shut down way faster than my body on runs and in the gym. The 10% rule definitely applies - when you think you're done, go for 10% more and see how you feel. Maybe you can go 10% more after that.


Alright, that's it for this week's edition of Just a Few Things. I hope you've been inspired to try something new, read a book or push yourself just a little harder. Please feel free to drop a comment or email with a thing or two from your week than I can share with others!


  • Thomas Coke

    Refreshing to hear honest stuff from an honest guy! Will look into Storns book! Thanks for the update! I agree about the techies they cost a lot and provide so little! Marketing agencies are a dime a dozen yet fail to understand the product and out the audience! Bunch of keyboard crunchers who think they know how to penetrate a market yet fail miserably! Save your money and just be you!

  • noncompliant

    I think we as a species can strive to improve ourselves physically, mentally and socially. There always seems to be room for improvement, so be a better human…

  • Christopher Strom

    Thanks Brother for the kind words about my book “Brooklyn to Baghdad”, I so appreciate them.
    Christopher Stron

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